Learn How to go from Worrier to Warrior and take charge of your life & career.
Half Day Training taking you through the exact step by step process I use to take strong, capable, high achieving Women, who also get stuck in overthinking, perfectionism & self-doubt to 
unstoppable confidence & a solid self-belief.
  • Do you want to finally SLAY that sneaky self doubt and get the results you KNOW you're capable of ?
  •  Have you ever felt pumped & confident only to freeze up with overwhelm?
  •  Are you ready to show up with unbreakable confidence but don't know where to start? Do you want to SLAY that self doubt that sneaks in?
  •  Are you ready to STEP UP, dress up & show up?
Join NICKY THOMAS to learn the secrets of who Warrior Women are and how they win in the 4 key areas of life:
What You Are Going To Learn...
  • How to fight your need for approval and win the battle
  • How you can STOP taking on other peoples shit and get more done
  • Know when you need to plan and when you need to DO so you can be efficient but not burnt out
  • How to say what you mean and mean what you say without feeling like a meany (phew that's a mouthful)
  • How to say no & set boundaries with confidence & without guilt
  • So basically... How to get your shit together so you can stop fucking about and get on with the stuff that makes you happy.
About Nicky Thomas
Ex-Military, Mum of 3, with a Warrior spirit and a no B.S. Solution focused attitude.

Taking everything, she learnt as a leader in the Military, mixed with her tertiary education and life experience, Nicky provides women with real results fast, not just a "textbook" style of leadership because let's face it - people don't behave the way the books teach.

Nicky has helped 100's of women refine and focus their personal and professional leadership skills, helping them to set and maintain a new level of standards through a powerful leadership model that makes it easy to identify where and what is causing any lags in results.

  From someone who worried about the label of being “too much, too emotional, too difficult, too hard, too sensitive ”, as I’m sure many of you have experienced, to someone who dug deep, did the work, owned her shit and uncovered the Warrior within so I could live a life of purpose, love and passion from a place of complete and unapologetic love for the crazy, fucked up human that I am without worrying about how it might seem to those that just didn’t get it.

It is her infectious energy and down to earth manner that immediately sets you at ease, being described as inspiring, authentic and sassy.

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